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PLC-5 Mobile HMI Express is an android based Human Machine Interface (HMI) for the Allen-Bradley PLC-5/40e unit. The PLC-5 Mobile HMI Express application is intended to demonstrate and verify that this application can in fact connect to a PLC-5/40e unit. This is achieved by displaying in real-time the following attributes/properties of the PLC-5/40e unit:

• Connection Status
• Clock (i.e., Date and Time of the PLC-5/40e Unit's Clock) (S:18 - S:23)
• Mode (e.g. Run, Test, or Program Mode) (S:1/01, 02, 03)
• Major Fault Word (S:11)
• Major Fault Code (S:12)
• Input Tags
• Output Tags

No third party libraries or OPC servers were used in the making of this application.

The automation industry is extremely diverse; it would be short-sighted to assume one application can cover all possible industries (or even a subset of the possible automation applications). However, if your industry could benefit from a custom build of this application please contact us. The HMI component of an automation application is extremely expensive due to the physical hardware and development costs. My android solution not only can potentially eliminate all or most of the physical hardware but it is mobile. The following are just some benefits:

• Cost Saving
• Mobility - Remote Viewing
• Diagnostics
• Troubleshooting (typically, traditional HMIs are physically located no where near the electromechanical/sensor hardware)
• Maintenance
• etc

Available also for the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix, SLC500, ControlLogix and CompactLogix.

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