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Forecastica is an easy-to-use stock analyzer application provides you with accurate end of day historical data which includes stock price and volume data for 5 days to 3 years. Forecastica Premium also provides you with advanced stock forecasting data and indicators for 4, 8 and 12 days. Whether you are a full-time stock trader or just managing your retirement account. Forecastica is a key resource to help you make profits by analyzing stock forecasts and historical stock trends on Worldwide Exchanges!

Forecastica Lite is the lite version of our successful Forecastica Premium Edition.

You can pay your attention to stocks price trends for over 200,000 stocks spanning 93 stocks exchanges which include:

NASDAQ Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
Mutual Funds
WorldWide Indices
American Stock Exchange
Australian Securities Exchange
London Stock Exchange
Mutual Funds
OTC Bulletin Board and many more!

Our proprietary model is based on neural networks. Simply put, our stock forecasts are driven by pattern recognition that enables the model to identify stock-purchasing trends. It then provides an objective recommendation on what action to take with any given stock - based on neural networks.

Our software will help you to hear the pulse of the stock market, and get recommendations of the best BUY/SELL/HOLD moments!

The Forecastica Lite Edition has unbeatable depth and breadth of data. Our data spans the globe, so whatever region you prefer to trade--from North America to Europe to Asia we have it!

INCREASE YOUR INVESTMENT PERFORMANCE with a powerful and proven statistical model!


-Track stock trends for over 200,000 stocks!
-Advanced 5 day, 1 month, 3 month 1 year, 2 year, 3 year Historical Charts!
-4, 8 and 12 day forecasting.
-End of day stock data updated daily!
-Biggest Movers stock heat map feature will show you an advanced stock heat map of daily price movement for all symbols across all your portfolio!
-You can export 3 years of historical end of day stock data and stock indicators!
-Track American Stock Exchange stock forecasts for FREE! You can also add exchanges and features that are only available in the Forecastica Premium Edition via an inApp purchase or just Buy the Forecastica Premium Edition and gain access to all 93 exchanges and extended inApp features!
-Full Multi-Currency Support! Select from over 160 Currencies! Simply select your local currency and all prices in the application are changed to your local currency!
-Our Company Screener is an innovative, powerful prediction tool that will allow you the trader to analyze potential market opportunities!
-Forecasts updated daily!
-Facebook and Twitter login!
-Stock Graphs! Ability to upload 12 day stock graph to Facebook!
-Multiple Portfolios!
-Unlimited WatchLists!
-Stock Email Alerts with next day predictions!
-Unique neural networks based forecasting algorithm developed by Ph.Ds in statistics!
-Strategy column shows BUY, HOLD or SELL decision which is based on mathematically predicted turning points (relative minimum or maximum value of stock quotes vs. time)
-Vector column shows expected average price movement Up or Down, in percents.
-Each raw show quote: OPEN, CLOSE, LOW, HIGH, STRATEGY and VECTOR accordingly with day of the forecasting.
-Profit Calculator shows what your hypothetical profits might have been if you had traded by using our forecasting technology!
-The Short Term Volatility indicator measures the volatility of a stock over the past 90 days.

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