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This solution calculator app is great for undergraduate chemistry students, graduate chemistry students and lab technicians who don't want to waste a lot of time doing tedious calculations. With this app you can calculate:

Molecular Weight:
1) Enter the name of the compound and get the its molecular weight. Be sure to write it right!
2) Flexible input: CH3CH2OH gives the same answer as C2H6O

Dilution Values:
1) You can calculate the amount of stock solution needed to form a new solution
2) You can calculate the concentration of the stock solution if you know its density
3) Solve for any value in M1V1=M2V2!

Solution Values:
1) Calculate the mass of the compound necessary to make a solution

Percent Values:
1) Calculate the mass necessary to make a %, ppm, ppb or ppt solution
2) Calculate values for the whole compound o for one of its constituents

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