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CommandEx Command Line Reference is an index of all the basic commands for Linux, Windows, Mac OS,FreeBSD command line interface with brief reference for each command with examples on how to use them.
CommandEx is your commands manual for getting started with the terminal in Linux,Mac OS, FreeBSD and the command prompt in Windows.
Master the command line and increase your productivity with the references and keyboard short-cuts.

With CommandEx,you can:
Find references and simple examples of commands you need.
Get to know keyboard short-cuts for each OS,text-editors and others.

Why CommandEx?
Learn and explore the command line of every operating system anywhere with easy all in one place.


-Simplified Command Line Reference
-Linux command Manual
-Windows command reference
-Mac OS command reference
-FreeBSD commands reference
-Powershell commands reference
-Keyboard short-cuts for each Operating system
-Text Editor short-cuts(Sublime,Atom,VsCode)
-Terminal shortcut
-Over 600+ Router password list
-Many more
-Offline Support

CommandEx features over 4000+ commands, 600+ router passwords,1000+ keyboard short-cuts to help you increase your efficiency.

A commands library of every major OS, all in one place.

Send us your feedback to make CommandEx better.

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