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Driver Bar (Uber Lyft Sidecar)

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*PLEASE NOTE* Nothing will happen when you press the app icon. The Driver Bar only pops up over the Uber Partner, Lyft, and Sidecar:Drive apps (and GoogleMaps & Waze). Launch one of those, and it will load, it runs in the background waiting for you to launch one of those.

This app floats above Uber Partner, Lyft, and Sidecar:Drive apps. It also floats above GoogleMaps and Waze. It has an icon for each RideShare App, allowing you to close the other two when pressed. This saves time, after accepting ride requests, not having to flip into the other two apps, and turn off driver mode. Hopefully it will help you remember to toggle them off, so you don't continue to get ride requests from the other apps, which just slows down service for the customer, and hurts your acceptance rate.

If you get a ride request from UBER, touch the screen to accept, then tap the UBER icon in the Driver Bar App. It will automatically close Lyft and Sidecar, and leave you on your UBER screen. It works the same way for the other two.

If you LONG PRESS an icon, it will launch the app that you long press, so you can log back into driver mode after you drop off your rider.

This app was originally built for personal use on a Galaxy S3 with a screen resolution of 720×1280. It should work just fine on larger phones as well, but the icons will be slightly smaller. I put a gap between them, so they would be easier to just touch a single button.

This app requires ROOT on Android. Uber Partner app is not compatible with ROOT for Android unless you use 'RootCloak'. Instructions for installing and using RootCloak are at the following link.

Because this app uses a force stop to close the other apps, it does require root. Lyft will detect this force stop as a communication error with their system, and after a few minutes, will send you a text noting that they lost communication with you. If the text annoys you, turn off notifications for that specific phone number.

Because this app requires ROOT, you will be prompted for SuperUser permissions.

I am not a programmer. I built this for me, and thought that it might be helpful to others. I understand that it is VERY specific in usage. If it doesn't work for you or on your phone, return it, I'll happily refund. There are absolutely NO ADS anywhere in this app, which is why I'm charging a nominal price for it.

-More button, allows you to close the driver bar completely, move it to the left edge or back to the right edge, Hide it for 20 seconds (in case it is in the way of an on screen keyboard), or KILL ALL 3 Driver apps all at once to go offline completely.

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