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Blue Light Filter & Eye Rest Reminder is a simple and great application to reduce eye strain or fatigue.

3C products are popular in modern lifestyle and the blue light proportion of smart phone or tablet screen is high and it may hurt eyes if you daily work in long hours. Blue light features is very easy to scatter so it will be the main reason of leading the eye fatigue and image blur.
The 20/20/20 rule suggests giving your eyes a break by looking at something 20 feet (about 6 meters) away every 20 minutes or simply closing your eyes for the same period of time to reduce eye fatigue.

This application combines blue light filter and eye rest reminder to achieve the best result of reducing eye strain or fatigue.

You can simply turn on blue light filter and eye rest reminder. It will decrease blue light and set reminder period according to 20/20/20 rule by default. Giving your eyes a break every 20 minutes for at least 20 seconds. Of course, you also can have the option to adjust the intensity of blue light filter and remind period.

Warm Tips: Don’t forget to take your eyes off your phone (or tablet) when eye rest reminder is popping up. Blinking also helps produces tears that moisten and refresh your eyes

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