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Developrs :- Digvijay Janoti and Manoj Janoti.
Game Mission :- to earn more points than your opponent.
the final score is based on the difference between your points, and your opponent's points.

Strategy :- trying to score maximum points at one chance is not the best strategy.
e.g. clicking a tile which is unoccupied, and also surrounded by unoccupied tiles will give you maximum 9*6=54 points.
but, if the tile is surrounded by 3 opponent's tiles, who are currently at score 6. You will earn 6*6 + 3*3 = 45 points(6 pointer unoccupied tiles and 3 pointer opponent's tiles). and since 3 of your opponent's tiles will be yours, your opponent will loose 6*3=18 points.
Hence the total difference will be 45+18 = 64 points.
So, just don't try to earn maximum points. Try to earn maximum difference between you and your opponent's points.

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