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Great app to teach the kids about the alphabet easily!

“Pre School Learning Alphabet” is designed for the preschoolers and toddlers to teach them all the alphabets very easily with some sort of funny techniques.

Here kids will be practicing the alphabets in four different game features they are Flashcard method, Identification method, Matching the alphabets and handwriting.

Flashcard method helps to recognise the English letters.

Identification method helps to identify the correct letter among several letters. This will proof that kids are learning well or not.
Pre School Learning Alphabet - Excellent Alphabet Learning and Matching Game with Flashcards for Kids
Matching features is designed for matching the uppercase with the lowercase letters.

Handwriting is helpful for learning the letter writing technique as well.

This is awesome for all ages kids to learn the English alphabets properly even this are useful for adults!

“Pre School Learning Alphabet” is necessary to develop your child’s letter skills.

Don’t be late! You kid will be playing with letter long time for beautiful graphics and sounds.

Download this app and start teaching your kid in funny techniques!

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