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This Canopy Formation skydiving app will generate competition dive draws for 2-way and 4-way CRW (CF) dives.

* Auto or Manual dive generation.
* Ability to Mirror 4-way points by tapping on them.
* Easy and Intermediate modes eliminate the harder points for those just getting started in 4-way sequential.
* Save and Load your dives (saves the mirrors as well).
* A Timer feature will allow you to judge your dives and see your score.
* Track split times between points to see where you are slow or fast.
* Associate a Score to each dive so you can keep track on how well you (or another competitor) did on a dive, or as a goal you want to reach.
* Wingloading charts for several CF canopy types.

Comes pre-loaded with many CF dive draws from major competitions over the last several years so you can challenge yourself with real competition draws.

Keywords: skydive, skydiving, CRW, canopy formation, canopy relative work, competition, dive draw, dive generator, dive pool

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