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The ONLY floating window IRC chat application for Android. Perfect for tablets!

Chat on the go while reading email, browsing the web, watching a video or playing a game, like a real PC.

Note: This application is still under heavy development, so there will be frequent updates and new features.

For help and support, you can visit the IRC channel #floatirc on irc.stormbit.net

Note: SSL option is not working yet!
If you have any issues with the app, submit a bug report and email me before you rate the app, so I can try to help you.

- Floating IRC windows that can be minimized to the notification tray.
- Supports multiple servers at once, each in their own window.
- Notifications on nick highlight.
- IRC color and formatting code support, including background colors.
- Multiple channels per window, easily switchable with a drop-down menu.
- Collapsible nicklist to maximize screen real estate.
- Default settings for new servers, making server setup quicker and easier.
- Automatic crash reporting, meaning most bugs should be fixed quickly. No personal information is collected.
- Auto-connect to servers on startup.
- Auto-join channels on connect.
- Auto-identify with services.
- And lots more!

Permissions required:
- SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: To display floating windows.
- INTERNET: Without this, the client wouldn't be very useful.
- ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: To detect connectivity changes.
- READ_LOGS: To send crash reports. No logs from other apps or personal information is collected.
- READ_PHONE_STATE: To include the device ID in crash reports. No personal information is collected, this is only used in order to know which crashes are from the same device.

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