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We know that you are tired of always remembering the exact location where you left your car, what is the street name where you parked few hours ago or, why not, where was that really awesome parking location that you found last week near your favorite pub that was always free and convenient. A car finder app would be ideal in these situations.

We wanted to solve most of these problems by giving you a free car parking app that remembers all of your parking locations, saves them and lets you customize and search through these as you wish so that you’ll never ask “Where have I parked my car?”, “What’s the location of my car” or “How can I find my car” ever again. Carefully following Google’s Material Design guidelines and the best UI and UX practices, we created this free parking app so you’ll never have to forget your car’s location ever again.

CarParked is the easiest way to remember where you have parked your car in a huge parking lot, being a very reliable solution. Finding your car has never been easier.

What is CarParked?
CarParked allows you to save your exact parking location and view it at a later time when needed. After you have parked your car, press the car button and drop the pin to your location. This current location will also be saved in your history tab to have it available for future viewing. When you later need to see your current car position, you can open the app, view its exact location and easily navigate to the parking spot using google maps towards finding your car.

How it works
Using your GPS location, CarParked saves your parking locations so you don’t have to remember every time the exact street name and address! It’s really user friendly and easy to use so you’ll never get lost after parking. It’s main purpose is that of a car locator, car finder or parking spot reminder.

Location Screen
In the location screen, you will set your car’s position once you have found your perfect parking spot. Simply press on the car button and then drop the pin to your current location. Make sure you have GPS and data on so we can ensure the most accurate location mapping. After you do this, a pin will appear on your main screen map representing the car’s location. We’ll take care of remembering that exact position.

When you want to go back to your car’s saved location all you have to do is press the same button again and then the “Go to car” option. This will prompt google maps on the walking mode and it will calculate the fastest route to your parking spot. We’ve made this easy so you never forget where you parked your car.

History Screen
On this app screen you will see all the locations in which you have parked in previous days. The app will store all the parking locations if you create an account. If you choose not to do this, it will only show the latest 10 locations where you have parked your car. No matter what options you choose, CarParked will still be free to use as much as you wish.

Here you will see that the locations are sorted out on days, from the most recent parking location to the most distant one. You are able here to favorite the parking spots by pressing the star icon to the right of the screen. This will add them to a list of favorite parking spots which can be toggled on with the switches on the top menu. Other info that can be seen here like the exact day, hour, city, street where you decided to leave your car are placed to give you the most accurate description of your parking location. At any given time, you can select these locations and go that specific parking spot

More than once we all had the situation where we parked on a paid spot and forgot when we were supposed to pick our car up. Our notifications system is here to help you when parking your car in these situations. If you go to settings, you can set there the time in which you want to be notified after each parking.

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