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Forsaken Legend

Experience Shenmodazhan, vampire bat populations was abandoned to a mysterious continent, would enjoy this special case of the bat mythical aristocratic family, why there is such a tragic fate?

In order to pursue his bizarre personal life background, looking for the truth of that year bloody genocide, prince of bat start conquered the continent mysteriously,
Is this a hopeless Ghost Road, or uncover the ancient truth, towards the peak, do you want to try?

Game Introduction:
1.Tap the screen to start Shooting balls.
2.Shooting colorful balls to form three or more same-colored balls to eliminate.
3.Click the shooter of colorful balls twice ,you can replace with corresponding colors of wings ball.
4.Play eliminated, a "batter", you will got more bonus.
5.Eliminated with multiple chain, you can got more bonus.
6. If you shooting in a cave between the balls, that means crossing ,you got more bonus .

1.Simple operation - for players of all ages, this game is very simple.
2.Stunning scenes - with a variety of different scenarios (Oasis, deep forests, swamps, tomb entrance, a layer grave, grave two layers of psychedelic space, treasure room), more than 100 well-designed game levels.
3.Many game play model - this game owns the most perfect play, panning shooting, etc.
4.A lot of props with lightning, bombs, magic props, such as many as 10 kinds of balls to make the game more colorful picture effect more challenging.
5.Growing System - players in the game will randomly get game currency, this section can be used to purchase upgrades prop money ball, and make it easier for customs clearance and get a higher score.

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