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JD Servers are some of the highest ranking MCPE servers on the internet - unlike most servers you can earn ranks to get creative mode and other commands, working your way up to Builder, HeadBuilder, MasterBuilder, Police, YouTuber and other ranks, until eventually you may become staff.

Guests can type /vote in the chat tab of the app to get Member rank instantly in our servers!
Check everyone's vote totals from minecraftpocket-servers
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JD Chat App - see players ranks
Quick links to vote on minecraftpocket-servers
Info about your account and all the JD Servers
News, competitions, events, prizes and more!

We have a dedicated and active community of players, staff and consoles to make sure that the server is always friendly and safe.

Once you have made an account on any of our MCPE servers (full list on www.jdcraft.net) you can login to the app.

Log in with your JD Craft account username and password to see who is online in all JD servers, chat in a server chatroom, see information about your account, ranks, time played in our servers and more soon. Staff monitor the chat and can kick and ban, so please keep it clean or you may be banned.

If you want to donate, please buy the full version as an in-app purchase to remove ads and get access to new pro features of the app as they arrive.

Quick Stats

3 years

since last update