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Fingerprint Lock Screen
If you lock and unlock your screen by your fingers or thumb impression then Fingerprint lock screen is the best lock screen application for you. You can show your friends that your device have the bio metric features and you can lock and unlock your phone by fingerprint fancy screen lock. Awesome wallpaper are used to make the screen attractive.If you get tired from so many bore lock screens then must try this unique fingerprint lock screen

• Professional looking interface and compatible with all devices
• Option to enable/disable the Fingerprint lock screen
• Ever best customization used to satisfy the user like Vibration control, Sound
Control, Scanning Count and awesome wallpaper
• New trick to lock and unlock your smartphone
• Stylish Interface and easy to use
• Stunning HD graphics
• Contain sounds and unlocking time
Enjoy this beautiful fingerprrint lock screen app now full free for you
ow to Use
• When you will start the Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank It will automatically take you at the setting page where you can customize the vibration, Sounds, Wallpapers and specially scanning counts
• You can control lock and unlock by setting number of scanning counts. After adjustment memorize the number of scanning count to unlock your screen
• Touch the sensor area of the screen with your fingers and hold it. The icon starts blinking,count the blinks according to your setting an release the finger and the finger print screen will be unlocked. Your friends will not now the trick and you can tell them it will scan your finger.
•Finger Print Lock application does not actually scan your fingerprint and smart phone screen cannot be used as a bio-metric fingerprint scanner. The trick is that you can change with a simple trick the scanning count and your friends will think that you have built a bio-metric scanning app for android to unlock your device. It’s a great fun for you. Play with your friends and enjoy it free. Please note that this is not a security application and lock screen. Fingerprint lock screen prank is a funny app it is not possible to scan your finger with smartphone

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