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Fingerprint-Lock Screen Prank

You can lock and unlock your phone using your fingerprint on beautiful door! Get fun with FINGERPRINT LOCK!
Lock screen joke, Laugh with your friends and let them try to open your mobile fingerprint.Door Lock Fingerprint is awesome & beautiful lock screen app with fun and will secure & lock your screen till the scan count aren't matched with already saved value in phone settings. It works like your secret number and you know only that number so when you press thumb on the fingerprint screen it will count how many times scanned and you will remove after the required scanned and your phone screen unlocked


- Place your finger on the thumb scanner panel and scan your finger print, It starts giving you a beep.
- Remove your finger from the fingerprint sensor when 2 Sound`s (2 times BEEP) completes, It will Unlock your phone.
- Your Device will still be locked if it gives you more than 2 Sound`s (BEEP) or less than 2 Sound`s ( BEEP ).
- You can change Number of sounds (Beep) to unlock your device from Settings.
- By default sound is set to 2 times announcement. you can set Number of sounds to unlock your phone as per you need. If you change the Number of sound = 4 , it means that you will have to scan your thumb till 4 times sound announces to unlock.


- Incredible sound effects at Locking & Unlocking time
- HD Wallpapers and real looking finger prints animation
- Vibrates on Unlocking time
- On screen Digital Clock which shows Date & Time
- On screen Network operator and Battery strength

Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is a prank, joke or simulate app.

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