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"Maybe if I put the router here, I will get a better connexion ? Or maybe there ?"

With this application, estimate the WiFi coverage in your house by scanning various locations. You will be able to get a global view of your (and others!) WiFi network in order to find the perfect spot for your router.

"I cannot sleep here, I will go in the other room, I'm sure it's because of all the radio waves in these places"

Although the radio waves effects on man have not yet been established, we can ask where we receive the least energy due to every kind of WiFi network in our house. This application allows you to estimate the power received (in Watt) in various location of your house. With this, no more excuses !


How to use it :

Step 1 : Make a plan of your house / environment
- Draw yourself a plan using the pen tool. NB: Remember to save it to reuse it later!
- Load an image from your device to use it as base. For example : take a picture of the plan of your house, then launch WiFi Map, select "Save / Load" in the first step and pick the picture.

Once your plan is okay, click on "Finish"

Step 2 : Scan your environment
During this step, you will have to put your device at various location and scan the WiFi networks.
1) Click on the plan you made and move to the corresponding location.
2) Click on "Scan".
NB : If you click on an already scanned point during 1 sec or more, the point will be rescanned.
NB2 : A simple click on a scanned point display the 5 first networks.
3) Perform steps 1 and 2 as much as you want. Increasing the number of scanned points increases the precision of the resulting maps !

Step 3 : Generate the maps
Once the scans are done, you can compute the maps by clicking on "Compute".
You will have the choice between "Network coverage" to estimate the coverage of a specific network or "Power on all networks (W)" to estimate de cumulative power (in Watts) in your house.

The generation of the maps can take one or two minuts depending on your device !

You will finally be able to save a screenshot of the map in the gallery.

Enjoy the app !

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