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Ever have trouble staying awake at work? Do you find it hard to stay awake in meetings, when you can't have a noise of some kind wake you up? Well thats exactly what this app is designed for. It uses the motion sensor to count down how long you've been still, and if you doze off and stop moving that timer runs out and starts the vibration. Just keep moving and it won't go off. You can set the sensitivity to the level you need, and you can set the timer as well. It can also work well in classrooms, libraries, and anywhere else you need to stay awake and keep quiet.

Note: Some devices turn their motion sensor off when they turn off the screen. I know that a number of Samsung Galaxy devices do this and many more might do so, so the app will turn on the screen when the timer is approaching the end in order to detect movement. There is also an option to keep the screen on, but this will obviously drain your battery

Another note: I can't test this app on every device, so I apologize if it doesn't work on yours. If you have any problems or suggestions please email me at This is my personal email address which is checked at least every week unless there is some kind of emergency so, please be sure to include the +nodoze tag so you message won't end up in my spam folder.

Special thanks to my co-worker (who will remain anonymous (for now)) for inspiring this app.

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