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At the Android PlayStore you will rarely found an application nearly as cool as JDK CPU Info that offers you with the all the relevant information about all the specification of the device you are using like processor, cores, speed, model, ram, camera, sensors etc. and the most amazing thing is that you can easily monitor internet speed.

Fore mostly, the installation of this application is really easy and you can easily install it in your android device without any inconvenience. Secondly, the inside lay out of this application is as easy as you will find all the relevant categories easily accessible once you get inside this app.

The best thing related to this app is that here you can easily find the relevant list of all the desired items about which you want to get information. The set of items about which information has been given in this app are,

◉ Chipset
◉ System
◉ Device
◉ Memory
◉ Wifi
◉ Battery
◉ Screen
◉ Sensors
◉ Camera
◉ Sensors

Hence, not only would you get information about the device only but also the network and most importantly accessories.

As far as the chipset is concerned, this app let you know about the model, cores, clock speed and load average and much more. In addition, you will also get to know about the details of units, sizes and textures. The GPU extensions have also been given at the end of the chipset information.

Furthermore, all the Android related information particularly Build Time, Code Name, Builder Fingerprint and much more can be obtained through the systems information category.

As far as the Device Information is concerned, users will easily be let known about the all the relevant information such as Display, Hardware, Host, ICC Card, IMEI, Kernel and much more.

Moreover, the full detail about the memory information is also given through this application at ease.

When it comes to network, this application also gives you an insight into Wifi and sim related information such as Wifi name, wifi speed and also the IP address. In addition, it also give you information about Network type, Operator ID, and Service Mode etc.

The coolest thing is that it also let you know about the battery installed in your device and also its voltage and other related information.

The brightness of screen and the type of density and orientation is also let known to the users via this wondrous app. This app is by far the most informative app about the device you are using.

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