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If you are ever asked how to get rid of evil spirits and your house is haunted or has ghosts.

Now you will have the opportunity to learn the basics to clean your haunted house or remove negative spirits around you.

Content of the application:

- The application has some sections with basic information to differentiate between negative spirits or evil spirits.

- You will find basic information on how to detect paranormal activity or detect ghosts in our home.

- It includes spells and esoteric rituals for a spiritual cleansing that will help us to get rid of evil spirits or negative entities such as demons, ghosts or specters of our haunted house.

- It also includes information to create an amulet to ward off negativity and to attract positive energy.

It is very important to perform spiritual cleanings to obtain magical protection in our haunted house and to be able to ward off negative entities.

Magical rituals are easy to perform and explained step by step.

These images, rituals and texts are protected with copyright by the developer of this application.

This application never replace any professional, and we are not responsible for misuse or misinterpretation.

I hope that these rituals and information provide spiritual protection and help them clean their haunted house or remove evil spirits. ;-)

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