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Manage your business on the go with Jd omni. You can get push notifications for new orders, complete you orders and deliveries, manage purchase orders, perform random stock audits and be aware of products that have gone out of stock in your store. Keep a real-time check on your store from anywhere, with an intuitive dashboard that keeps you updated.

Now you needn’t be present all the time in your store to manage it; just download Jd Omni to get started.

The Jd omni app is designed to help you manage your store as easy as possible, with these useful features:

• Track your revenue for the day and compare numbers with the previous day.
• Get a glance at all your orders of the day.
• Quickly look at your out of stock products that need your attention

• Get a hold of all pending and completed orders with your store
• Capture partial and complete payments for all your orders.
• Varied color indicators for delayed and pending home delivery orders, for effective management.
• Get information on orders for which payments are pending
• Choose between multiple payment options: Cash ,Credit card, Debit card & Sodexo

• Manage all your purchase orders from anywhere, anytime
• Get information for all purchase orders that need to be paid
• You can check all of your returned purchases

Out of stock
• Get aware of all products that have gone out of stock and take necessary actions
• You can easily know since when these products are out of stock

Stock Audit
• Perform random audits on your inventory
• Compare the audit list with products in your store
• Audit your inventory for each outlet separately

Feedback and Support
We value your feedback and would love to hear from you. Reach out to us at support@jdomni.com.

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