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【 Why this name, 55555? 】
Well, it's quite logical. There are five columns of five rows. A total of 25 boxes. So the chosen name is ...... 5 5 5 5 5.

【 How to play? 】
You must form groups of three or more tiles of the same color in vertical, horizontal or diagonal.
Each round you are given five tiles that you must drag and drop to any of the five columns that make up the game board.
The pieces fall down and pile up.
When three tiles of the same color are together they disappear, and you score !

【 Game Modes 】
◉ CLASSIC: You must be surpassing levels. It is recommended to start with this game mode.
◉ ARCADE: Infinite Mode. The objetive is to get the highest score possible. No time limit, neither number of moves limit.

【 Features 】
✔ Minimalist, simple and colorful game, suitable for all audiences
✔ Very small (2.5Mb approx.) And very few ads (no ads while playing)
✔ Infinite undo moves
✔ The game is automatically saved
✔ Beautiful and simple user interface
✔ Ranking of the best games
✔ Leaderboards and achievements
✔ Compatible with all devices including tablets
✔ Easily share your achievements with friends
✔ Includes sounds (can be disabled) and images in HD
✔ Exercise your brain!

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