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Use WiFi Alarm to never forget anything anymore!

With WiFi Alarm you are able to setup a wifi alarm message, which alarms when you enter or leave a building. To be more precise when being in or out of range of a selected WiFi Network of your choice. When using a normal preset alarm on your smartphone the problem is that it only will go off at a preset time. So not any more with WiFi alarm. WiFi Alarm helps to remind you what is important to you, at just the right time. For instance when you are leaving your work after a very busy business day, Wifi Alarm helps to remind you not to forget to buy olive oil for preparing dinner on your way home. Or when leaving your house when heading to a big party, WiFi Alarm reminds you to bring flowers. And on your way back when entering your house again, to not forget to feed the cat. With WiFi Alarm it is even possible to delay the Alarm Start date and time, so that the WiFi Alarm will go off after a preferred Day.

So as you see WiFi Alarm is here to improve your quality of live.

Disclaimer: We cannot give any guarantees about wifi alarms going off at the right time. Use this application at your own responsibility.

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