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This is still in Beta so please let me know of any problems or requests/ideas.

A simple and easy to setup and customize and powerful PC remote control.

Main Features
- Mouse Pad and full keyboard
- Macro remote. e.g Type your address with a single button.
- HTPC Remotes with big eyes free Dpad.
- DIY Picture Remotes.
- Multiple Actions can be set for every button.
- Map any button to any file on your PC.
- Send keystrokes (like most other remote control Apps).
- Make your own Voice Commands to do anything you want.
- Use your Voice to type to your PC.
- Play IR wav files < 500kb with chosen device. (any old USB speakers will do, just replacing the speakers with IR leds will work but is not recommended)

Download the server here.

Jar file-
Server requires Java

Or here it is with java included.


- If you lose input when you open windows task manager (or anything with elevated privileges/admin rights)
you may need to run the server as administrator. Just use the Create Desktop Shortcut.vbs then you can right click on the created shortcut and Run as Administrator.

- Java does not need to be installed. You can just download the .tar.gz version and extract it, then you can create a shortcut to \bin\javaw.exe and add any .jar as an argument. (at the end of Target:)

Quick Stats

3 years

since last update

3 years

since last review