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Ghost Remote is primarily a Bluetooth remote for Eventghost in windows but can also be used with anything that accepts SPP as input.

Could be used as an Arduino Voice Commander.

Key Features are:

- Voice search.
- Use Google"s voice to text engine to send limitless commands to and control your computer by voice.
- Speak to your phone and watch what you've said get typed on to your big screen, this is excellent for search boxes such as in XBMC. (no more hastle with on screen keyboards or multitap)
- Full keyboard in real time or use your phones predictive text then send as text or as a command.
- Touchpad with scroll which can be used as basic mouse control or as seek control.
- Big D-pad so you can keep your eyes on the big screen.

If your new to Eventghost it can look quite complicated at first but once you've learnt the basics it is easy to create remote control profiles for any software or hardware on your PC.

Ready to go EventGhost
Example.xml with all keys mapped is included.
After selecting your COM port in the serial plugin you need to save and restart eventghost.
Here are just the edited files with info.And example xml.

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