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Auto Clean Pro: (clean boost) is the best Android Optimizer, Speed ​​Booster, Battery Saver, Game Booster, CPU Cooler, and Junk Cleaner. It can clean and boost your phone very quickly. It is small with the size of the installation package only 1 MB; And it is really smart to boost memory and clean scrap and hide quicker than others, and make the phone accelerate effect last longer. Auto Clean Clear also helps cool CPU and all of your device, and stop other applications to drain the battery. It is really Auto Clean Clear, Super Booster (master boost), and all in one application of light.

Auto Clean Clear Highlights:
Clean Memory and Super Booster
A Boost Tap (just 1Tap)
CPU Cooler Game Booster

Battery Saver Using High Memory Memory NotificationClean and Super BoosterAuto Clean (clean and boost) can find all applications using high memory and force them to stop without root permission. When you find your phone is lag, just use super-clean feature to speed up by stopping applications running in the background, and these applications will hibernate after cleaning and boosting. Then your phone will be fast, also the phone battery can last along One Tap Boost (just 1Tap) A faucet thumbs up Auto Clean icon is listed on the phone desktop, which makes you very handy to boost your phone with 1 tap. By repeatedly pressing the push button 1 of the tap, the phone speed is improved tremendously.CPU CoolerDo you find your phone is always hot? Simply use CPU Cooler feature to cool your device, and it will clean unneeded applications running in the background.Game BoosterAutomatically improve your game speed by 30% + when launching games.Battery SaverAre you Worried about your phone battery draining too fast due to auto start applications? After strengthening and cleaning these power-hungry applications draining your battery by Auto Cleaner Clear (clean and boost), applications hibernate and the lifetime of the phone battery will last longer.
Using High Notification Memory
When your phone memory usage is high, Auto Clean Clear will warn to boost your phone

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