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With a solitaire-like atmosphere, Slide & Switch forgoes the bells and whistles of other, more popular puzzle games, offering instead a pleasant, simple, and time-killing experience. You begin the game with 100 moves, and the game ends when all your moves are used up. With no restrictions on where you can swap tiles, you may try matching tiles one move at a time, or to use more moves to line up a bigger match, or to set up a cascading combo! The choices are yours, with no obstacles or gimmicks in your way, only you and 49 tiles of 6 different colors.


*No ads - The game is made for players of all ages, with no advertising to distract from the experience.

*Bright, colored tiles - The tiles are displayed over a black background, each with different colors and shapes to make them easier to identify, especially for colorblind players.

*Chess-like move mechanics - Moves only count if players let go of the screen. They can move a tile one space in up to four directions at a time. If they return that tile where it was and let go, it will not count as a move.

*No music or sound effects - This game emulates the atmosphere of old computer solitaire games, and has no music or sound built in to distract the player or their neighbors.

'Slide & Switch' refers to the computer game software of the same name created by Jake Eckert. 'Slide & Switch', and the 'Slide & Switch' logo, are trademarks of Jake Eckert under common law.

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