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J-map shows you who is around you on a map with a range of markers in real time using GPS. J-map draws from Facebook to provide information about those people including their name, age, place of work, profile picture, mutual likes and mutual friends. J-map has a messenger feature incorporated and visibility settings for privacy preferences.

J-map is a unique innovative social map at the very beginning of its journey. It is backed by a development team with a major vision for its future. We need your input, we need your feedback and we need your ideas to make J-map everything it can be. J-map is a truly community driven concept and its users will soon realise they are not merely owners of an app but more members of a brand new community!

On J- map, markers indicate the real time positions of people. Green markers show you exactly where your friends are and blue markers show you where none friends are located. The next time you go out for the evening just check J-map to see where everyone is! (Be the first to get all your friends to download the app!) Click on a none friend who just happens to be near you in the real world and see instantly what friends you have in common and what interests you have in common too! Don’t be a stranger! Imagine seeing someone in a bar or a shop and before you even say hello for the first time you will know that they share a common passion or mutual acquaintance thanks to J-map! Great for breaking the ice! J-map is also an instant messenger. You can send messages directly to anyone on the map and receive messages back through the J-map server. The app integrates with Facebook making it completely compatible with your existing Facebook social network. The mutual likes feature is great for keeping you up to date with all the cool things your friends liked that you liked too! This feature also works for none friends so before you decide to say hello to a new person in the real world you know exactly how to break the ice! In time the map could of course become very busy and so the developers have included a proximity setting that allows you to set your visibility radius in kilometres. Set it to 50km and you will only be able to see people within that distance and vice versa.. If you decide you do not wish to be seen at all by friends or none friends – no problem! Simply set the radius of visibility to zero!

The developers of J-map are committed to growing this app and welcome all input and feedback from its users. This is everybody’s app and can only get better with everyone’s help! So before you decide to give a bad rating because you found a bug or dislike something, be sure to message the developers and you’ll see that your opinion is very important. We will work with you to fix anything that needs attention. The future J-map vision is truly exciting and many new features will become incorporated over time and promises to make it an outstanding social map that builds a beautiful family, with an emphasis of doing good in the world. We hope you enjoy J-map at this early stage and look forward very much to gaining your input and support. Be sure to be the first to tell your friends to download J-map!
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