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One of the most downloaded lottery with picker programs in the market!

All Lotto results, like EuroMillions with Ruffles from UK and Health Lottery!

Different from other programs, this is the only one that tells you all the information that you can see in the Official Lottery website! Check old draw, check the prizes and much more with UK Lottery!

  • More than 120.000 downloads so far! (And is still growing!!!)

With this program, you are able to generate/pick lottery sequences for all the avialable games and is still be possible to use Filters!

Don't think that a specific number will be chosen? Just remove it!

Don't want repeated sequences? Just remove it!

Don't want just odd numbers? Just remove it!

Don't want just bigger numbers? Just remove it!

Simple to configure and much more simple to use it!

Supported games: euromillions, thunderball, lotto, plus5, lotto hotpicks, dream number, daily play.

This is not a oficial program from National-Lottery.

If you are having any problem in configure it, just let us know and we will be happy to help you. We even added a feedback button to make easier to you to contact us.

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