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Jedox Mobile 7 gives you seamless access to your Planning and Performance Management data with an intuitive touch interface for any mobile device. It makes it easy for Finance, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources and other staff on-the-go to collaborate and integrate plans and performance reporting across the enterprise.

Jedox is a mobile innovator, with stunning mobile dashboards and simulation capabilities on tablets and powerful apps for mobile planning.

What’s New in Jedox 7 Mobile?

Jedox 7 takes the mobile experience to a new level. Jedox 7 offers planners across the organization an enjoyable user experience from desktop to web to mobile. A newly designed mobile touch interface maximizes user adoption and business users leverage their Excel skills to design and deploy custom mobile intelligence over secure, consistent and structured data.

Plan anywhere

We know that business usually doesn’t stop at your office door: With Jedox Mobile’s write-back capabilities, you can access full-fledged forecasting and budgeting anywhere. The Jedox 7 app makes planning on the go more intuitive with a new touch-optimized splashing wizard and responsive touch selection.

Access your canned reports and documents even when offline

With Jedox 7, business users can store content offline and access their report favorites in seconds. Even when you need to be offline, you can still access important business-related content: Jedox automatically synchronizes your mobile app with the current status of your Jedox documents, such as PDF reports or other content, and sends you a notification. From a corporate governance perspective, you can control whether users may store offline content, and all local data is stored with highly secure encryption technology to ensure that your data is always safe, on any device.

Customize your planning app

A customized login screen with your company logo, a background screen that shows your company or product portfolio and a color scheme that perfectly match your corporate design, this is what you can do with Jedox 7 Mobile. Apply your corporate design with just a few clicks and excite Jedox users across your organization.

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