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Just Frenzy! is a puzzle game created for those who love challenges. The goal is to move the letters in order to form the word FRENZY. There are 30 levels.

This puzzle game is based on a set of rules that you have to know in order to play.
You will need to find a strategy to solve the different puzzles.


1- To move a button, tap on it, then tap an empty tile adjacent to the selected button.
2- Two buttons with the same color can merge into one button:
Tap the first button, then tap a second button with the same color and adjacent to the first button.
3- Buttons with a warning sign can’t merge.
4- When you move a warning button, another warning button appears.
5- When you move a letter, a color button appears.
6- A level is completed if the word FRENZY is formed horizontally or vertically.


A more detailed "HOW TO PLAY" guide can be found inside the game. Please, read the guide before starting to play.
Use every piece of information in the guide to create your strategy. The key to solve each puzzle lies in the rules.

As soon as you find a strategy, solving each puzzle becomes really fun and addictive!

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