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Internet Booster prank is an Internet application designed to simulate users speeding up the Internet connection up to 5 times more.
Internet Booster prank works on several networks such as wifi, 3G and 4G, using quite complicated languages ​​to get a strong and powerful application, despite the intervention of several factors that can affect the way your device takes advantage of speed.
Highlights of the application:
Internet Booster is a very powerful signal amplifier that gives you a hand to improve the signal of your device and better enjoy the networking, Internet Booster guarantees optimization of your network signal by identifying and choosing the channel Information on your device in a simple and dynamic way.
Despite the use of this application it is necessary to know that several factors intervene to increase Internet speed such as the distance between the device or router and your antenna 3G and 4G, ISP DSLAM. And that's how the speed increases.
We call you that the speed of your internet is mainly related to your provider and that android internet booster is only optional.
How the application works:
-It is imperative to activate the wifi, 3G or 4G before the start of the program
-Start Internet Booster
-The application starts to optimize the parameters to increase the speed of your android device, it may take a while
-The boost mode appears in the deactivated state
- Enable it so that the application looks for the best performance
- The rest of the work is entrusted to Internet Booster
Benefits of Internet Booster Prank:

- Lightweight and easy to handle. -Increases your Internet speed up to 5x faster.
-Compatible with most android devices.
-Code well worked to reduce the consumption of RAM. -Gives better call quality
Internet Booster Prank is a purely prank app. It was developed for fun and entertainment purposes only. It does not actually increase your Internet Speed, but it gives you the illusion of doing it and this is the main purpose of the application.

If you have any comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the development team. We are here to satisfy you and make your life easier.

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