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The app "KaWculator" is a build calculator for the game "Kingdoms at War" KAW.

With KaWculator for KAW you can easily evaluate and compare multiple upgrade strategies for your KAW account. You can set up your current KAW build and analyze all possible upgrades and compare them according to total stats, static defense stats, and total price.

You can do this very easily by configuring your current KAW build, then creating any number of copies of the KAW build and upgrading each copy according to a specific growth strategy. Comparison is quick and easy, so you can operate your choice smoothly.

The game "Kingdoms at War" KAW is developed and maintained by the company "A Thinking Ape" Inc. The app "KaWculator" is not developed nor maintained by "A Thinking Ape" Inc.
There are no guarantees that KaWculator will provide an accurate build statistic and/or build price evaluation.

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