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Jeep parking simulator is a realistic jeep parking game giving you full fun of simulating Jeeps of different brands. If you love 4x4, big trucks, SUVs, army trucks and jeeps and above all the Hummers, you are rite here to enjoy the full simulator of these huge monster jeeps in jeep parking simulator, as an expert drive and parking junkie, simulate like a real combat solider. Drive and park your Jeeps in realistic simulation and gain the experience in the parking jeeps and SUVs in different missions and challenges.

Drive your vehicles in Jeep parking simulator with jeeps and SUVs around the obstacles and on to the parking spot, your challenge is to avoid crashing or hitting any obstacle so take a good look before you park your jeep in jeep parking simulator game, remember these Jeeps and SUVs are real expensive and the army and military base officials don’t want you to damage their army jeeps while your park them in jeep parking simulator. This extreme and realistic game of Jeep parking is a real simulator and driving 3D game with best off-road jeeps and SUVs with fully loaded real physics engine and best simulation effects. Extreme SUV Driving Simulator 3D is the best off-road car simulator of 2015, thanks to its advanced off-road real physics engine, if you ever wish for an off-road simulator and parking game, jeep parking simulator is the righteous choice for you to drive the 4x4 SUVs and Jeeps in this free game of Jeep parking simulator. Be an experience off-road and military and army driver and park your jeep in different environments in city car parking, bus car parking and driving simulator with police car chase in Jeep parking simulator.

Jeep Parking Simulator is realistic simulation game that lets you control the heaviest army, military and civilian vehicles like jeeps, SUVs while you simulate in these vehicles for an extensive training and parking. Test your skills in parking jeeps as accurate as possible and aligning and simulating your jeep in parking lots of the military base while sniper shooters are on their targets, Jeep parking simulator is a driving and parking game that will enhance your sim abilities and will teach you how to park your jeeps, SUVs and 4x4 vehicles like a real pro in war and peace situations. Parking and simulating a real 4x4 jeep and military vehicles are an ultimate challenge; you will have to prove your parking abilities while parking your jeep in military and army base if you stuck behind the enemy lines.

Jeep parking simulator game is a lot more different than parking huge buses and cars and trucks from car parking simulator and bus parking simulators or heavy duty truck driving, it’s the 4x4 Jeep and SUVs parking simulator which let you enjoy the real action in off-road monsters and military vehicles transporting war soldiers and snipers to the army locations, this jeep parking simulator game features the most awesome, powerful, exotic luxurious jeeps, so get ready to take a hot seat to enjoy jeep parking simulator and sim into these monster jeeps and SUVs in jeep parking simulator a realistic simulation and fun time passing game among all jeep parking simulation games you ever played.

● You can drive the extreme 3d Jeeps & SUV with smooth steering wheel. Steering wheel will give you the experience of real jeep parking which can help you to become the master of steering control.

● Accelerometer (Tilt) control requires your full concentration while driving over the road. You have to tilt your device right or left to move accordingly.

● Button (Arrow) control will creates the jeep parking controller extremely easy and smooth. You just need to press right direction arrow to turn or move on right hand side or press left directed arrow to move or turn left hand side.

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