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Finally a perfect map assistance application for riding a jeepney in Cebu City, Philippines has been released!

A common public transportation in Cebu City is very popular way to get to your destination.
One ride to your nearest grocery.
Two rides to your office.

But, are you new to here in Cebu?
What does 01K means to you written in the side of the car?

Now is the time you get your tiny little gadget out of your pocket to check out which jeepney is the one you are taking!

With this application, you will never be lost in Cebu City.

1. Check the routes on a map for the lines in and around Cebu City
2. Searching which line to take by selecting the destination
3. Bookmark the line you take often

SUPPORTED LINE for ver1.0:
01K, 04I, 04L, 10M, 13C, 13H, 17B, 20A, 22I, 23D, 62B, MI-04A, 01B, 01C, 02B, 03A, 03B, 03L, 03Q, 04B, 04C, 04D, 04H, 04M, 06B, 06C, 06G, 06H, 07B, 08G, 09C, 09F, 09G, 10F, 10G, 10H, 11A, 12D, 12G, 12i, 12L, 13B, 14D, 17C, 17D, 20A(Even), 20B(even), 20B(Odd), 21A(even), 21A(odd), 21D(even), 21D(odd), 22A, 22D, 22G, 23, 24, 25, 62C, MI-01A, MI-02B, MI-03A, MI-03B via Hoops Dome, MI-03B via Muella Osmena, MI-04B, MI-05A

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