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Party Punchout offers a new and innovative idea in mobile gameplay. This groundbreaking game combines 3 concepts not previously seen together in a single mobile app:

1. It’s an addictively fun point-and-shoot racing game.
2. It aims (pun intended!) to increase political engagement and awareness.
3. It’s a free, and easy, fundraising & name recognition resource for political campaigns at every level, from local Congressional districts all the way up to the Presidential level.

As a player, go head to head with your political opponents in this easy-to-play, but challenging-to-win game!!

Be Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nancy Pelosi, Ronald Reagan, or any of several other political leaders, and vanquish your opponents by racing against them and shooting down their bubbles of ideology.

As either a Republican or a Democrat, you must shoot down enough of the opposing party’s bubbles to unlock successive levels as you race to reach political office from Governor, to House of Representatives, to the Senate, — all the way up to the White House!

Political candidates at all levels (from local Congressional districts up to the Presidential level) register and list their information with the app. Players can see exactly who the current Candidates are in their own district and state, and can even view Candidates’ websites, where supporters can find out more about issues, and can donate directly to the campaign. Come for the fun, and to defend your ideas... end up by finding out exactly who is defending your ideas in Washington! A fantastic grass-roots fundraising and name-recognition resource for political candidates at every level.

• Simple controls— aim and shoot down bubbles of the opposite political party!!
• 4 increasingly challenging levels of play: Governor, House of Representatives,
Senator, and President.!
• Use power-ups to increase your speed or more easily shoot bubbles!
• Leaderboard shows how you match up against both Republican and
Democratic players in your state!!

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