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The world's commercial (passenger carrying) aircraft in detail. Every aircraft currently in passenger service described in three sections: Physical; Operating; Commercial.
Physical section provides all the relevant dimensions and weights; Operating section lists performance criteria including take off and landing weights, cruise and max speed, field lengths, engine configuration(s) and more; Commercial section illustrates typical seating configurations and sizes.
Each aircraft description includes at least two photographs and the maker's logo.
Includes all aircraft currently in use for passenger traffic including those no longer manufactured (such as the Lockheed 1011) and aircraft announced but not yet in service.
200+ aircraft from 28 makers including all major variants.
PLUS directory of tail codes (identifying an aircraft’s country of registration) in both code and country order.
PLUS a copy of our Airport Codes database providing a reference library of over 30,000 three-letter airport codes in code, airport and city order. Special help with duplicate names (there are over 200 airports called ‘Municipal’ in North America alone!
PLUS listing of IATA 2-letter airline codes in Code and Airline order.
PLUS listing of over 2,000 callsigns for commercial, cargo and charter airlines (now you can find out exactly who is flying 'rabbit two-niner' or 'penguin six four'!).
Self contained - no Internet connection required – safe to use on any aircraft (with phone in Airplane Mode)!

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