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Yut (pronounced yoot) is a traditional Korean board game which plays similar to "Sorry!"

For more information about the game: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yut

----- Gameplay Modes -----

- Online against a random player
- One Player vs. Computer (Offline)
- Two Players (Offline)

----- How To Play -----


- The first player to move all 4 of his or her pieces around the board wins.

Roll Phase:

- During your turn, you will be prompted to throw the sticks with the roll button. If you roll a 4 or 5, you get to roll again. In addition, if you land on an opponent's piece, you get to roll again.

Move Phase:

- Your possible moves are shown in the 5 circles near the bottom. To move, click any one of your available pieces (the jumping pieces) and select a yellow tile, which indicate possible locations you can move to with that piece.

Quick Stats

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