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The infection has taken over the world, not much was left untouched. Even you, the lowly snail, has been infected. You can still function with the sliver of consciousness unaffected by the disease, but the desire for brains grows quickly. There is a strong scent of fresh brains down in the sewers, you must reach it.

Race down the sewage tunnels to reach the brains while avoiding the hazardous chemicals leaking from the overworld. The darkness in the underground induce many hallucinations to your diseased brain, keep your light source lit or be consumed by the shadows.

As you progress through the tunnel, you will gain experience and unlock many upgrades and power-ups that makes the journey easier.

Review by The Letter 10:


★ Google Play Leaderboards (for the never-ending mode)

★ 10 Google Play Achievements

★ 11 Unlockable upgrades / abilities

★ In-game store (not real money)

★ Left / right handed settings

★ Accelerometer or on-screen button controls

Quick Stats

4 years

since last update

4 years

since last review