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A widget that displays shortcuts to your most used apps, bookmarks and contacts. More importantly, it only displays apps that are relevant to your time, day, location and other factors. It keeps track of these factors when you use an app, then displays shortcuts based on that information. If you use specific apps at home, those will be more likely to appear when you are at home.

Each widget is a row that takes up the width of your phone (not supported for tablets just yet). You can make up groups of widgets - multiple rows. Each row can be 3 to 5 icons, depending on how much space you want to tap on each. You can also make really small icons that fit 4 in the space of one regular size icon.

The widgets do not update while your screen is off or locked to reduce battery usage. They do update when you unlock your screen, plug in your phone and other rare events. Also, when you tap on one of the icons, all the icons update.


1. Press and hold on the home screen (or Menu > Add)
2. Press Widgets
3. Choose Aware Cuts
4. Pick an icon number and how many icons are in the row above it, if any
5. Press Done

The factors used are: time of day, day of the week, location (either GPS or network), wifi state, bluetooth state, headphone state (either wired or A2DP connected via bluetooth) and battery level.

We DON'T send any of this data over the network, so we don't need the network communication permission.

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