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No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or if you are an expert at basketball, this app will help you to learn the skills that you choose. Training exercises for each move are also being offered for FREE. It's quite straightforward, learn about the right's and the wrong's for each move and then go onto training till you become an expert at basketball. These tutorials were designed and created for all types of basketball players. There are even specific training exercises for intermediate to expert players and beginners. No matter what level you are playing at, you are loved by Hoops.

The simple and easy to learn user interface easily lets you differentiate between 1 star difficulty moves and 5 star difficulty moves.

App Features:

- HD videos using voiceovers to break down a certain skill move and show examples of the best exercises to do.
- A training section for each skill, so even if you do not want to watch video's, you can still improve.
- Multi-level of skill moves.
- Functionality to send us your questions through the comment section for us to reply and help you.

The app's tutorials cover the following topics:

- Shooting
- Defending
- Spin move
- Crossover
- Between the legs
- Behind the back
- Basic layups
And many more to come!

Hoops displays multiple different tutorials of a high quality. Each one showing tips and tricks that you would not get anywhere else. We strive for the moment to take a pause and zoom in on something we need to point out.

*** Internet connection is required to watch the videos and see the exercises. ***

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