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The best lunar lander game on the market !!

- Drive your spaceship in the space through 4 worlds and no less than 42 levels (waiting for updates)
- Go landing your spaceship on final dock to complete the level, but don't forget your fuel level : its emptying while you progress ! Learn to manage your fuel consumption to reach final dock.
- Don't forget to collect money, to increase your score and unlock bonus levels.
- Collect lots of bonuses, but avoid malus !
- Think to controle your landing indicator before landing, you only can land vertically.
- Modify the gravity depeding on your capacity to drive your ship.

Remember to use the map to localize your position in space, the final dock and the bonuses spread in the levels.

Enough playing lunar lander game where you only have to land ?! Inerty is a new way to play lunar lander !

Online ranking system :
Choose a nickname and publish your score to become the best lunar lander of the market !
You have been at least once in the top 50% of the online ranking ? Unlock bonus levels
You have been at least once in the top 30% of the online ranking ? Unlock other bonus levels

Update in development, feel free to comment for game improvement or to report bugs...

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