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With all his spells Harry can finally wizard the evil wizard Voldemort, but first he still needed to reach him. You have to go through the fascinating world of magic and escape from Azkaban. Try to use all possible spells to keep from falling, use everything, and levitation spell, and mantle - invisibility potion Pick a word, use every opportunity to survive and return to Hogwarts. When he met with his chief enemy Voldemort, you will have an advantage, you will have to protect the scar over his glasses. It will display the most attacks, but not all; your task is to use the magic wand and spells to retaliatory attacks. Jumping until the end of the path and defeat the evil magician.

Prove to everyone that the hat was not mistaken in your choice!
- Amazing platform with surprises
- Pick up the road potions
- Fight Voldemort.

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