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Drink water, Eightcups will motivate you and be healthier.

Eightcups is a smart bottle that helps you to be hydrated. Eightcups calculates recommended amount water intake and alerts you before you become thirsty. Drink water routinely and earn points. The points can be cashed

The most powerful motivation for drinking water.
Users can earn up to 20 cents a day by just drinking water. Why don’t you try to challenge about 20 dollars cash out for 100 days? Now here is the most powerful motivation for drinking water.
* Maximum cash out depends on sellers.

Build better life style with Eightcups.

Smart Alarm: Eightcups alerts you before you get thirsty. Did you know that oral dryness is a last symptom of dehydration, not signal for the thirst? Eightcups alerts for your health.

8+ Program: Do you want to build a habit to drink? Challenge yourself with 8+ Program. 8+ Program helps you build your habit for 100 days and you can also have cash back of up to $20. Build up a habit of drinking water earning points.

Automatic Tracking : The amount of water is automatically updated on to your mobile application Try to manage your hydration with eightcups.

Pattern Analysis : You can check records of your water intake. Drink and check your drinking pattern every day.

Wash mode: Eightcups support wash mode. When you wash 8Cups bottle, the bottle stops recording (Smart!).

Experience Eightcups software and the bottle today.
More detail of service and product is available on www.8cups.me

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