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The success from the PC world originally known as "Jelly no Puzzle" is now available for Android. Puzzle of Jellies is a really challenging puzzle game. You move coloured friendly-faced gel blocks left or right. The goal is to bring all blocks of the same colour together. Although it might look simple at a first glance, it is going to challenge your brain for sure!!! This version has been developed by JellyCrew together with the original author Qrostar.

Enjoy 10 free levels, All remaining levels (70 total) are available as a single Google Play in-app purchase.

From the review of the PC-version at Rockpapershotgun.com:
It’s been the buzz of the indie world – a puzzle game so fiendishly difficult that people pass it to one another like an illicit material. But I eat and drink puzzle games! They occupy a frightening amount of my waking life. So bring on Jelly No Puzzle! Here’s what I think: It’s a really superb thing – madly difficult, revealing a truly brilliant mind behind the puzzle design. The mind is Japanese developer Qrostar.

At Indiegames.com a user wrote:
1. Jared February 21, 2013 at 5:40 pm
I finished the whole game a few days ago. What an elegant puzzle game, it’s one of my favorites of all time. Playing with friends was extremely helpful, it felt like everyone always had an idea to offer up. I can’t wait to see more puzzles in the future :D

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