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Get ready for the most awesome mobile car racing experience!
Extreme Auto 3D Racing is the perfect place to show your love for very fast cars!
The game was designed for adrenaline seekers and racing lovers so, if you’re one of them, make sure you’re in pole position for the race. Waste no more time and get the game on your device!

Have fun with the dynamic gameplay
Extreme Auto 3D Racing gives you the chance to enjoy 3 different types of game plays: Circuit, Knockout and Time Attack .

The Circuit racing requires a combination of stamina and tactical expertise. It implies a large number of competitors riding in close proximity, commonly referred to as riding in a 'bunch'. Learning to ride safely and efficiently in a bunch is a fundamental skill to be developed at entry level.

In the Knockout Race you compete against 4 or 5 other drivers. Each lap, the last player to reach the finish line will be eliminated. So, this time, make sure you’re not focusing only on finishing the race on podium, but also on not finishing any lap on the last position. Keep your head in the game for the entire race and you should have no problems acing this type of race.

In the Time Attack Race you will have 0 opponents, but you will have to make sure you’ll end the race in the shortest time possible. So step on gas and speed up to the finish line!

Enjoy the Awesome 3D Graphics
Get the real racing experience by driving through the ultra realistic 3D track. Control the most authentic racing cars, designed to reproduce the real-life vehicles.

Drive up to 20 stunning race cars
We re-created for you some of the best racing cars of all times.
The vehicle list of Extreme Auto 3D Racing includes a selection of the best sports cars from around the world.
Open our store and select or earn the car to match your status!
It’s up to you to win the fanciest ride in store!

Get Your Adrenaline Rush by Stepping on Gas!
Racing is anything but a safe ride. If you don’t have the guts to fire up your engine and take some risks, you might not be the person for the job!

Explore more than 16 Challenging Levels
Enjoy a realistic motor racing simulator.

Precise controls
Control your race car through the on screen acceleration and brake and by tilting your mobile device

So, do you have what it takes to be the Extreme Auto 3D Racing champion?
Can you set the ultimate high score? Are you competitive enough to finish every race on the first place? Do you have the guts to take risks, step on gas and be better than all the other drivers? It takes a great deal of determination, skill and discipline to to be the racing champion.

Do you have the audacity to break the standards and be the best driver out there?

★★★ Features ★★★
- Realistic Racing Simulation
- Realistic Environment and Authentic Tracks
- 16 Challenging Levels
- 20 of the Fastest Race Cars
- Endless fun!

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