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You’ll have to find your way through the ruins of Godforsaken factories, drive across track rails and sneak through abandoned wagons. Showcase your speed and precision and finish each mission before the time runs out. Drive the heavy-duty trucks without crashing them into crumpling vehicle or building. Prove that you’re the best industrial driver and earn 3 stars in each level. Bare in mind that, as you learn how to control your trucks, the missions will start being more difficult so you won’t have time to get bored.

You will be able to control the cars through the wheel and pedals available on your screen. Step on gas or drive more safely - that’s up to you! We designed a fun and engaging industrial site on the ruins of an old but beautiful train station so there’s no doubt you’ll have tons of fun completing the missions. You’ll also have the chance to choose from 12 different extreme industrial vehicles. Start by driving your default cement truck, but as you advance in the game try giving it different colors. Also, take a look at your garage, there are other heavy-duty cars waiting for you. Accept the challenge to park your colossal tipper in the very tight parking spaces or have fun driving your excavator through narrow side streets.

★★★ FEATURES ★★★
- Choose from 12 construction vehicles like: cement truck, dumper, tipper or excavator
- Complete 12 parking missions that will have an increasing level of difficulty to test your improving skills
- Perfect your skills to have the chance to earn 3 stars for every level
- Control your vehicle through the on screen wheel and pedals
- Enjoy the realistic 3D graphics of the cars and the surrounding environment

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