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If you’re an adrenaline addict - we created this game for you. Not only does Monster Truck 3D Crazy Race have the most amazing monster trucks but the competition will take place on the craziest off-road tracks.

So, waste no more time and get the game on your device!

Monster Truck 3D Crazy Race is the ultimate racing challenge. Test your driving skills by completing 16 increasingly difficult levels. You’ll have the chance to join the race behind the wheels of the most powerful monster trucks. We have prepared 10 different monster trucks for you to choose from, so be ready to have loads of fun.

You will control your truck through the on-screen arrows (left-right) and the brake pedal. If you crash your car or if you spin on track, you have a button that allows you to restore your car back on track. You can find this button on the upper-right corner of the screen. In the upper-left corner you will find a button that allows you to adjust your camera in order to get the perfect view for you.

Fire up the exclusive monster trucks and race on the extreme off-road track. If you’re not successful the first time, don’t get discouraged - mastering these massive vehicles needs time and and practice. Also, the better you get to know the tracks, the easier it will be for you to take the shortcuts and finish the level faster, therefore, earning more stars.

For each type of competition your challenge will be to finish the race faster than anyone else. The number of stars you receive as reward after each round will depend on your position. If you finish the race on the first place, you’ll earn 3 stars (★★★). If you finish second, you’ll get 2 stars (★★) and, if you finish on the third place you’ll only get 1 star (★). Moreover, if you don’t finish on podium, you won’t receive any rewards and you’ll also have to start all over again! :(

In this competition there are 3 different types of races: Circuit racing , Knockout Race and Time Attack Race.

In the Circuit racing you will have to compete with up to 6 other drivers, in a 3 laps challenge. You’ll have to make sure that you’ll be the fastest driver and, at the same time the best driver to control these massive vehicles. Keep in mind that speed is not everything in this type of race, you’ll have to perfect your turning skills and you’ll have to learn to control your car so it won’t spin on the road. This type of mistakes will cost you speed and time so keep your head in the game!

In the Knockout Race you compete against 4 or 5 other drivers. Each lap, the last player to reach the finish line will be eliminated. So, this time, make sure you’re not focusing only on finishing the race on podium, but also on not finishing any lap on the last position. Keep your head in the game for the entire race and you should have no problems acing this type of race.

In the Time Attack Race you will have 0 opponents, but you will have to make sure you’ll end the race in the shortest time possible. So step on gas and speed up to the finish line!

★★★ Enjoy the Realistic Racing Experience
★★★ Unlock 10 Monster Trucks
★★★ Be Amazed by the Stunning Off Road Tracks
★★★ Challenge Your Driving Skills in 16 Levels
★★★ Enjoy the High definition Sound and the Amazing 3D Graphics

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