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The true racing champions go out at night and compete with no rules and no limitations

Do you have what it takes to be crowned the true Street King?
Only the most badass drivers can compete in these ultimate city tournaments - sso make sure you’re up for the challenge. The game was designed for adrenaline seekers and racing lovers so, if you’re one of them, make sure you’re in pole position for the race. Waste no more time and get the game on your device!

Night Racing Fever 3D gives you the chance to enjoy 3 different types of game plays: Circuit, Knockout and Time Attack .

The Circuit racing will let you challenge a large number of competitors for 3 or more laps. In the Knockout Race you will compete, against 4 or 5 other drivers. Each lap, the last player to reach the finish line will be eliminated. So, this time, make sure you’re not focusing only on finishing the race on podium, but also on not finishing any lap on the last position. Finally, in the Time Attack Race you won’t have any opponents, but you will have to make sure you’ll end the race in the shortest time possible. So step on gas and speed up to the finish line!

Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the outstanding high detailed design of the 3D cars and environment. Feel the adrenaline rush.

★★★ Enjoy the unique experience of driving through the city at night
★★★ Drive 20 of the fastest cars in the world
★★★ Win all the 16 races and become the ultimate champion
★★★ Play against the most intelligent AI
★★★ Get the full racing experience with real life physics
★★★ Enjoy the realistic environment and authentic tracks
★★★ Take advantage of 2 types of controls - tilting and through the on screen pedals

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