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Call Back Later is the best way to handle calls you want to get back to whenever you wish, including missed and rejected ones.

Why using Call Back Later?
Ever had to rapidly end a call but wanted to make sure you remember to get back to the person who called you?
Call Back Later is designed to assist you with handling calls you didn't have time to handle as you wished.
Using this app you don't need to go over the entire calls' backlog and you can dismiss missed calls notifications.
You simply add calls to your list and choose whenever to call back or send a message.
You can also configure the app to automatically remove each call from the list once you call back, so you won't need to worry about this call again.

Key Features:
- User-friendly widget - you can simply press on the contact in the widget to call back
- You can configure automated listing of missed called
- Customized behavior for answered calls
- Handles call waiting
- Configurable parameters:
* Calls duration criteria
* How to handle missed and rejected calls
* What to do with calls in the list once you call back

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