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Rave Me! is an entertaining app that makes you just puzzling question, "What? What kind of nonsense is this? ". But it does not frighten us, because it was planned!

Our application will generate for you choice nonsense in a number of languages around the world. And if you are too lazy to read all this, there is no problem! We'll read it for you! If you find yourself at this fantastic nonsense, you can add it to your favorites to later listen to again and listen to others.

But despite all of the above, this thing sometimes gives very profound phrases, worthy of the best philosophers of the world. However, this happens very rarely... But suddenly you're lucky!

WARNING: created text can sometimes contain profanity or obscene remarks. Do not take it seriously It's just a collection of random words without any meaning. Not recommended for children.

The application must have connection to the Internet.

The application can generate text in the following languages:
(depending on the version of Android on your device)
- English
- German
- Spanish
- French
- Hindi
- Indonesian
- Italian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Dutch
- Polish
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Thai
- Turkish
- Chinese

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